What is Girls In Sport?

Girls In Sport International is a charity that is committed to encouraging both staff and students to continuously create, learn and grow. We promote and encourage diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike within our curriculum. 

What do we do?

We coordinate a sustainable, community-led project in Sierra Leone and have developed a Sports and Literacy Programme there. The programme is currently operating five days a week from Monday – Friday running two hours a day. Each session is composed of a one -hour slot for sports, followed by an hour winding down slot offering homework support, educational activities and the arts. Trained volunteers from the UK support the programme and local staff, by bringing fresh ideas, learning techniques, and introducing new sports games to learn. Without our volunteers, the programme would not be possible!

How Do We Select Our Beneficiaries? 

Our balanced gender ethos fosters a comprehensive intake of  children from the local community, regardless of religion or tribal background.

We use a targeted approach that gives priority to beneficiaries in most need, and work with recognised partners, local ministries, schools and families to identify young people who will benefit from our programmes the most.

How We Measure Our Outcomes

  • Gender Parity

  • Literacy

  • Family Livelihoods

  • Financial Sustainability

  • Durability

  • Community Ownership

  • Health

  • Poverty Alleviation

  • Knowledge and Skills Transfers

The benchmark criteria we use are measured against the sustainable development goals and the international frameworks of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Development Assessment Committee criteria of:

  • Effectiveness

  • Efficiency

  • Impact

  • Sustainability

  • Relevance


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