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We see accountability as an overlapping process between all of our stakeholders. At the centre of this process are our beneficiaries. We aim to be equally accountable to stakeholders involved in the overlapping themes of the programme, and lead this process with commonly accepted principles of transparency, impartiality and neutrality.   

We take a cross-cutting approach to reporting and aim to measure all our outcomes through a holistic approach that is interconnected across the entire stakeholder community. 


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In order to deliver our outcomes effectively, we are fully independent from politically motivated interference.  Our work is underpinned mainly by the donations and services of private sector and civil society support. 

We do not align ourselves with any specific cultural, political or religious affinity. We remain neutral so as to retain impartiality in our decision making, and consequent impact within our host communities.



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We strive to be fully transparent to our supporters

Our funds are spent directly on the running costs of our programmes, facilities and equipment.   This includes paying our in-country staff a fair wage that is at least the local equivalent of the UK living wage.  


Girls in Sport does not receive any compensation or gifts for our work. The governance structure is framed within our constitution to protect funds against exposure to misspending or diversion.  

To protect and uphold high standards of accountability and impartiality we will never divert the funds, goods or services we receive via other agencies or political groups.  


Your donations will be ring- fenced straight to projects that directly benefit our beneficiaries and in-country running costs. 

To ensure these standards are upheld, we follow a robust process that delivers effective monitoring and reporting of our activities. 

If you are a donor, please contact us for further information about how we implement these standards. 

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