Setting up your own fundraiser could be incredibly fun and rewarding

Take on a Challenge

Whether you’re a fan of running, walking, cycling, or swimming, there are plenty of challenging events out there for you to take part in. Contact our team and let us know about your preferred event for support.

Work, School or with Friends

Ask friends and family, colleagues or classmates to sponsor you to dress up as something different for the day. Or why not do a raffle with an exciting surprise? You can get really creative and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Let us know what you are doing so we can provide you with important information and resources to help you along your way!

Organise your own Event

Sometimes the most successful fundraising events are the ones created by our supporters. Don’t forget your checklist:

Think of a fun idea, set up a fundraising page, promote it, stock up on resources and finally ...

Don't forget to keep us posted!


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