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Advisory Board

The Expert Panel advise our board of directors, in order to strengthen our vital work assisting the most vulnerable communities and girls at risk.  

Our work would not be possible without the collective knowledge of our Advisory Board, who share our passion for bringing equality to the Global South.  

Publication of details of each member is given entirely at the discretion of the individual.


The full Panel is published yearly in our annual report.

Our Experts 
A Snapshot
Edward Brown

Edward Brown

Marketing and Partnerships Lead
Edward joined us after 14 years at the FIFA President's office in Zurich and provides consultancy on marketing, messaging and partnerships
Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley

Psycho-Socio Support Lead

Mark joined the Panel to help us deliver guidance and training for psycho-socio support provision in the field, as we work to reach some of the world's hardest to access communities.  

Noel Carroll

Noel Carroll

Legal Council

Noel assists with our legal and compliance essentials and will triage consultancy and multilateral regulatory matters across all of our programme jurisdictions.

Darren Mooten_edited_edited.jpg

Darren Mooten 

Data and Operations Lead

Darren provides oversight for data synthesis and internal operations systems integrations

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