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Sam Jalloh 

Meet our Patron

Born and bred in Sierra Leone, Sam's passion for tennis helped him through poverty and civil war.


Despite years of struggle, and witnessing the atrocities of the rebel conflict as a child, Sam's talent progressed to representing Sierra Leone internationally and led to a successful career not only as a tennis coach, but is also credited as a successful life coach and author. Sam has published two inspirational autobiographies that chronicle his incredible journey.


We are delighted to welcome Sam to Girls in Sport.

'I am very honoured to be a patron for Girls in Sport.  

Sport is a universal language shared between every community and has the power to resonate with everyone no matter the race, gender, language or religion.

More importantly, sport is a tool that can be used to help young people to learn structure, discipline, focus and team-spirit.


Learning these skills is essential for the benefit of health, wealth and community cohesion.  

I am delighted to be part of this incredibly powerful initiative."

Sam Jalloh.  Girls in Sport patron
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