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Girls in Sport Patron wins BBC World Service Inspirations Award

GirlsInSport are very proud to announce that our brilliant Patron, Sam Jalloh is a winner of the prestigious BBC Inspirations Awards 2020.

The Inspirations Awards bring attention to truly remarkable individuals worldwide whose inspirational achievements may otherwise fall beneath the radar and go generally unrecognised. Sam received his Award virtually due to Covid 19 restrictions just before Christmas in an episode aired on the BBC World Service Outlook programme on 22 December 2020 and is well worth a look

Sam now lives in Lancashire, England but is originally from Freetown where he grew up against the backdrop of the bloody civil war and playing tennis barefoot. Sam’s tale is an incredible story of survival against the odds. He subsequently became a professional tennis player and eventually a leading international tennis coach.

His book :- "How Tennis Saved My Life - Play Tennis Not War” which has also been been released as an animation by the BBC World Service charts how Sam’s ingenuity and tennis ability offered him a route out of poverty and the war zone that was Sierra Leone. Sam never forgets his past travails and has inspired thousands over the years.

Sam said:- "I want to thank all the other winners and everyone for your support. All I’m able to say is Wow!! I would never have thought I would become a winner of this award. It means so much to me, you can’t imagine and I really do mean that. It isn’t just me who I have accepted this award, but also for all my family, friends, and colleagues who have helped and supported me over the years. Without them, I would never have got to the level I am now at and I’m determined to help all those back home and here in the UK, to use sports, like tennis, to overcome difficulties they face in life and not turn to violence."

For more information about Sam please visit his official website:-

If you are interested to find out more about Sam and his amazing story, his book's ISBN is:- 9781093234046..



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